How to install Autocad 2012

AutoCAD was one of the first Computer Aided Design programs to be made available on personal computers. It is built to help people design buildings, products, or public spaces, without having to draw up plans by hand. It was released in 1982 by Autodesk, Inc., and offered a personal solution to software that was before then released only for larger workstations. While CAD programs prior to AutoCAD required massive amounts of computing power in the form of gigantic computers, AutoCAD streamlined its operating and optimized it for the IBM PC, allowing people to work from home or on their own work computers. AutoCAD is easy to use Software design for engineers & designer for designing a product AutoCAD save its file in Dwg format which means drawing, this format is supported by many cad Software, you can download the latest version  of AutoCAD from Autodesk right Know the latest version is AutoCAD 2012 you can download the 30 days trial version or you can buy the Software i recommend that you just download the trial version right know if you like the Software and found this Software very useful then you can buy it.

How to Download and install AutoCAD

To Download AutoCAD fallow the following Steps.

  • Visit the Autodesk Website.
  • Create an account if you have already made an account just login.
  • Go to the product Section and click AutoCAD or you can search AutoCAD in the search bar.
  • Then click on download if you want to buy the Software you can click the buy Button.
  • After click on the download button you would see a download box click on save to download the software on to your Computer Memory.
  • It will take some time depending on the speed of your internet Speed.
  • After the Software has downloaded locate the AutoCAD setup file and double click on it.
  • Soon you would be promoted with AutoCAD installation setup when the setup has done loaded the necessary installation files.
  • Click on install.
  • Choose your region and accept the license agreement and click next.
  • Choose your license type and product information in this case i am choosing standalone license type and the software will be 30 days trial.

  •  After that browse your desire location or leave it to default and click install to install the Software on to the Computer will take 10 or 15 minutes to install, till then grab yourself a nice sandwich or potato chip.
  • When the software has install click cancel to close the setup box.
  • Click on the AutoCAD icon on the desktop or you can open the software from Start menu>programs>Autodesk>autocad2012>autocad.exe
  • After this AutoCAD would start to load the necessary files after few seconds you will be promoted to the AutoCAD interface.

Getting knowing the AutoCAD interface

AutoCAD 2012 is a very user friendly Software, and its interface is very neat and polished.

The tools in AutoCAD are located in the ribbon and are divided into tabs and each tab is dived in to panels and some tools are located in the fly out. you can see the image of the ribbon below.

To be continued


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