Description :

This Software is Made for Students and teachers who are interested in Geometry.This Software make it Very easy to draw Geometry a user can save file in canvas format,GeoMatrix is vector base Graphical Software which means it do mathematical calculation to draw an object a user can also see the mathematical format.


This application is used to Change the Date of the File, when it is created,Modified, Accessed ,User can change the attributes very eassily.
Requirements :  .net framework 2.0



WebEditor is very simple and easy to use HTML Editor, created for those who don’t want to write Code it also has a built in ftp Client to upload web file to  Web Hosting Server. WebEditor ScreenShot DOWNlOAD Win-Terminal for Running CMD & Console Application. OperatingSystem : WIndows 8,Windows7,Windows Vista & Xp(Requires .NET Framework 4.0)

Motionative;FGL no : 1 V1.00

Motionative is a very amazing piece of Technology i have ever worked on.A user can use this to draw sketch, play games etc. with out touching anything, it uses a camera to track the motion of a hand or any object then a Motionative software track the position of the object then send that information to the cursor or any program.hence you can do computing or play games with out touvhing any thing this program is very useful for laptop users “but this is not the end of motionative” i am creating a gadget that takes the same input and can display images in the space which means a user can create a mockup or and design in the space with their hand with out touching any thing.This is the first Future gadget ever made in Future Gadget laboratory.      SnapShot


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