How to Create a Free Website in 5 minutes.

Well you are probably wondering how would you make website in 5 minutes, if you fallow the steps you would have your own website in 5 min for free.

first we will get a domain name a domain name is the name of the website(e.g

to get a free domain visit and click on signup to create an account enter your personal information and click register know after that you are promoted with an email verification after verifying your account you can login in to your account, at the left side of the web page click on new project to set up your domain name; You will see 2 option Create redirect, Web space in this case click on web space so we can store our web pages in it, give the project a name and a description and choose your desire categories and hit Next then you will see a box that says enter a domain name give your desire name (  and hit next after few seconds your domain would be set up.

at bottom of  the web page you can see the ftp information if you don’t know what is a ftp it is file transfer protocol which is used to transfer file from the server to client. we would use an online ftp

client to send our webpages visit ftplive and copy your ftp information and paste it in to the text boxes and hit launch ftp browser after that you will see a file browser ,click on the www directory this is the folder in which we will upload our web pages to upload a web page click on browse select your html file or php file if you don’t know HTML or php you can learn it from w3schools .after uploading a web page visit your domain name and you can see  your website after few days your website would be index into search engines like bing, all it